We’re all operating in a new reality these days, and business leadership is facing unprecedented challenges. While the health of loved ones is the primary concern, remote work and social isolation is no easy feat - especially for organizations that are new to working from home.

As individuals are more isolated, organizations are doing what they can to nurture teamwork and overcome operational challenges (VPNs, equipment, conference calls) while still meeting deadlines and delivering valuable results.

In Rangle’s work around the globe, we’ve built a toolkit for not only conducting business as usual across digital workforces but surpassing organizational expectations. We deliver high-quality digital experiences rapidly while building a culture of teamwork and satisfaction for colleagues separated by time zones and oceans.

It’s more than a short-term fix

Of course, employees need to remain healthy and abide by recommended safety practices, but now is the opportunity to implement practices that will benefit your organization beyond the current situation.

With online shopping taking off at an unprecedented rate, outstanding customer experiences are vital for e-commerce, financial services and retail organizations to keep up. In spite of trying times, critical business cannot be put on hold. The right practices can expedite delivery without pausing your current workflow. It is possible for your team to maintain morale, collaborate, deliver rapidly, and work remote - we can help you achieve it.

Remote work at scale has a learning curve. Rangle has been operating this way since day one by successfully collaborating with clients around the world, across the USA, Spain, Japan, and the UK.

Achieve transparency, speed, and collaboration

The Lean/Agile framework enables rapid delivery and team collaboration - regardless of where teammates are located. Rangle is committed to Agile work and has seen its value proven time and time again through:

  • Regular “ceremonies” (check-ins) and weekly sprints with clear deliverables for each team member keeps teams focused, engaged, and delivering working code weekly
  • Full transparency for leadership to see the teams progress and activities every week
  • Blockers are removed and teams can function faster and more efficiently to meet deadlines

For example, Rangle built a design system with the world’s 3rd largest retailer of private-label apparel, who happens to be located in Tokyo. Despite the 13 hour time difference, our teams partnered closely to deliver features 80% faster than the client previously delivered.

Not only was the project successfully launched on time, but the retailer’s internal team trained up along with Ranglers on Agile practices and rapid delivery. They’ve gone on to adopt these practices further internally.

Outstanding customer experience isn’t optional

Has your online browsing increased in recent weeks? Mine certainly has. With everyone around the globe going digital in these days of isolation, customer experience is more important than ever.

Rangle’s CX Ops practices enable an end-to-end view of business processes for customer value creation, CX Ops moves your organization away from spending on “random acts of digital” to investments that overcome organizational hurdles to rapid delivery of customer experiences.

Stop spending on projects that aren’t working and start wow-ing customers with best-in-class experiences that can be launched fast and iterated upon easily.

Rangle partnered with Staples to provide their customers with more consistent experiences across digital and brick & mortar touchpoints. Through collaborative teamwork, the Staples and Rangle team were able to:

  • Reduced time-to-launch from 6+ months to less than 2 months
  • Improve bounce rate with 6x faster load times on Solution Builder app
  • Build a consistent experience across digital and physical touchpoints


Rangle’s experience in scaling remote teams to deliver helps our partners do the same. Our deep experience in Lean/Agile, remote work, upskilling internal teams and delivering rapidly can be your key to transitioning during these uncertain days.

Contact Rangle if you are:

  • Struggling with siloed, disparate teams
  • Missing deadlines or delivering low-quality products
  • Lack of clarity into goals and progress of transformation
  • Trying to deliver digital solutions fast during a surge in e-commerce traffic

Reach out to me on LinkedIn or email me at jonathan.hydebarnes@rangle.io to talk about how you can deliver faster, empower remote teams, and achieve transparency.