Elevate Toronto: What is Lean Innovation Anyway?

Today, even the most established corporations are having to “think like a startup” in order to keep up with contemporary trends and consumer needs. As you could imagine, as technological capabilities improve, the pace of business and expectations multiply. As a result, today’s corporations not only need to pull a few pages from the Lean and Agile methodologies, but they must also write their own.

This is where the idea of Lean Innovation comes in, and the reason why we’re talking about it at this week’s Elevate Toronto Festival. Rangle is a proud sponsor of the Lean Innovation track taking place on Sept.13 at our new headquarters, located at 18 York St. in Toronto.

This stream is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to reach your customers online anywhere, at any time, and on any device
  • Empower creative teams to launch innovations quickly and meaningfully
  • Respond rapidly to competitors
  • Reduce costs
  • Simplify processes and tech stacks

We’re hosting some of the industry’s top “Lean Innovators” to share best practices and speak about their experiences using Lean Innovation methodologies to enhance their businesses and improve efficiency. Speakers include:

  • David Albert, managing director at Foodora Canada
  • Lisa Durocher, chief digital officer at Rogers
  • Mike Gettis, founder and CEO of Endy
  • Anne Pesme, associate partner at EY
  • Paul Crowe, CEO of Symbility Intersect
  • Nagar Rahmani, principal at Kensington Capital Partners Ltd.
  • Nick van Weerdenburg, CEO and founder of Rangle
  • Sanjay Gosalia, Head of Industry, Financial Services at Google … and many more!

What do all these speakers have in common?

They’re innovative thinkers and professionals who have taken a Lean approach to scaling business and provide a better service for their customers. They embrace the startup ideology from a strategic point of view, are not afraid to push the envelope, and are viewed as leaders in their respective industries. They’re a combination of engineers, strategists, forensic accountants and more, and they’re coming together as part of this conference to discuss and reflect on opportunities for innovation in 2017 and beyond.

Why Lean Innovation?

When we hear “Lean Innovation” we envision an agile, iterative and thoughtful approach to business, one that shifts with the demands of the industry and its customers, values customer feedback and works to ensure that the products being built are the ones that best serve customers. It’s an approach that maintains integrity without getting stuck in the past, and one that small startups and successful corporations alike can use to get ahead of the pack.