Header image, Rangle and Amplitude Partnership Annoucement

It’s in Rangle’s DNA to do the right thing and build the right way for our clients. To achieve that, we partner with the most innovative companies, helping us deliver a superior experience for end users, in service of our clients’ business goals.

For our product management teams, understanding how to make good decisions when building a product for our clients is paramount. Data is a major factor in our decision-making, but it’s not just about stockpiling numbers—it’s about plugging those insights into the product pipeline at the right time to inform the decisions we make.

We’ve always been strong advocates for using data to drive outcomes for our clients, which is why we’re happy to announce our latest alliance with Amplitude as a Certified Solutions Partner. Their platform helps our clients make informed business decisions, validated through behavioral analytics and customer insights.

“Product Analytics helps you understand user behavior, ship the right features faster, and drive business outcomes” - Amplitude

Building a product in the new digital economy means there’s less room for failure, and less time to get to market before your competitors. Data-driven insights, injected into the product pipeline at the right time, ultimately creates greater product experiences. With Amplitude’s leading product intelligence platform, we can help organizations use their customer data to make more informed decisions to build their product strategy. The data validates their decisions and increases business growth, leading to the best outcomes for their customers.

Rangle’s PoC approach, called Rangle Go, is a lean-rapid development plan with validated feedback, proven to provide immediate value. Amplitude makes the perfect marriage with our PoC jumpstart program, bringing their leading Product Intelligence platform to the mix. What’s more, Amplitude goes beyond user-behaviour analytics with a holistic approach, measuring value and suggesting actions businesses can take to truly understand what is and isn’t working. The platform also tracks your KPIs to ensure everyone in the organization has a data mindset for product, marketing, and business strategy decisions.

Diagram showing the Amplitude workflow benefits

Amplitude’s mission is to help companies build better products and understand customer experience in a more sophisticated way. They process 1 trillion+ events per month, in 30,000+ businesses, in 180+ countries—that includes Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, HubSpot, and Paypal, just to name a few. We’re very excited to be working with Amplitude to bring the next generation of Product Analytics to our clients.

Do you have a project or product that’s ready for the next level of growth? Want to know more about Rangle and Amplitude? We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch at info@rangle.io.