Having a co-op placement is a crucial part of deciding what path you want to take after you graduate. At Rangle we're lucky to have more co-op students than ever spanning across our software development, design, marketing and operations teams. We make it a big priority to provide an exceptional experience of learning, mentorship and real-world experience so that all of our co-op students are set up for success, whatever field they are in.

But don’t just take it from us - we’ve asked a few co-ops what it’s actually like to do your co-op at Rangle. Plus, we’ve even asked a few returning alumni what it was that made them decide to return and work here full-time!

Find out straight from the source what the experience of working at Rangle is like.

Freddy Cheungh, Software Developer at Rangle, Former Co-op

On why he chose to come back to Rangle:

Deciding to come back to Rangle after my 8 month co-op was definitely not a hard decision. As someone with previous work experience, I noticed things at Rangle that I hadn't seen at other companies I'd worked at.

I was eagerly seeking a culture that promoted growth and opportunities to challenge me on a day to day basis. I am happy to say, Rangle has definitely met and exceeded all my requirements for the ideal place to work.

As a software developer, my role revolves around understanding our client's needs and providing them with scalable solutions. There is nothing more satisfying than to see how our solutions can positively impact organizations. Not only that, Rangle provides so many opportunities to collaborate with a variety of teams as we are always open to helping each other.

Deborah Mepaiyeda, Current Software Development Co-op

On why she chose Rangle for her co-op placement:

In my 2nd year, Rangle held an information session where I realized that the company’s values align with mine and became eager to apply for a co-op position. Today, I'm proud to say that I'm a Software Developer Co-op at Rangle.

Every day I see female developers flourishing in the workplace, and this excites me. As a Developer, I do meaningful work that impacts end-users.

One day, I'm pair programming with another developer. On another day, I'm sitting in meetings, discussing and collaborating. I also have the opportunity to work and learn from many talented people on other teams. Working at Rangle is similar to being part of a community. There are guilds, lunch and learns, and workshops. These help to get me involved, meet other Ranglers and explore topics of interest as I continue to learn and grow in various ways.

Rangle's a company that is making a positive impact in the industry and community. I'm excited to be here!

Zain Amir, Software Developer at Rangle, Previous Co-op

On why he chose to come back to Rangle:

My previous experience with Rangle was as a Software Developer co-op working on the re-launch of the website. Rangle offered many of the things that I value as a Software Developer such as being able to collaborate and continuously learn. The collaboration with other developers that I experienced during my co-op allowed for knowledge sharing and has helped me to expand my understanding of good development practices.

At Rangle, there are “guild” meetings where people with particular areas of interest or skillsets get together to talk about and discuss a variety of related topics. For example, when I was a co-op I was interested in learning about Machine Learning (ML). I was encouraged to go to the ML guild where I learned about different ML concepts which I was able to later explore more in detail when I went back to university. If you’re interested in hearing about Zain’s experience while he was doing his co-op here, check out our co-op blog post from this time last year!

Mitra Zaimi, Current Sales Analyst Co-op

Currently, I’m doing my co-op as part of the sales team at Rangle. In my time here, I’ve learned so much about what we do and how we sell, but it’s safe to say there is no easy answer to understanding the ever-changing nature of this industry. With Rangle offering so many software, design, and technical services, this allows for co-ops to be challenged and take on an ‘always learning’ mindset. Where most co-op positions have a job description that is set in stone that lacks any freedom or flexibility, that hasn’t been my experience here.

At Rangle, my managers and colleagues have paid close attention and care about what I actually want to get out of the co-op experience to help me achieve those goals. Plus, there are social activities planned every month for the co-ops such as a trip to the Rec Room or going out for a picnic. There’s also plenty of opportunities to meet other employees, through joining the sports leagues or attending the Friday evening socials where everyone goes to hang out after work - drinks and snacks included!

Arjun Vegda, Software Developer at Rangle (as of Sept 2019), Previous Co-op

The reason I joined Rangle after completing my co-op is because of the culture and the many opportunities for professional growth. I consider the workplace my second home and having positive vibes around you boosts morale and motivates me to give my hundred percent.

Rangle, hands-down, has some of the most talented software developers.

During my time at Rangle, I not only got to contribute to client projects but also was able to work with people who were empathetic, caring, and passionate about what they do.

They’re also very supportive of your personal goals. Having my interests in design while being a developer, Mannie on the Talent Team set up a meeting with a few of Rangle’s design directors to talk about my goals and interests.

Rangle is agile at its core meaning that I can plan, develop, evaluate, and deploy functionalities efficiently and effectively. I also find having external code reviewers on your project fascinating. Having a fresh pair of eyes look at the architecture of your code can definitely bring good feedback to the team. These are some reasons why I came back to Rangle. And hey! who doesn’t enjoy tasty treats in the kitchen every day at 11 am?

With all that being said, does Rangle sound like the kind of place you would like to do your co-op? Get in touch with our talent team, we’d love to meet you! Drop us line, here.