Ranglers speaking at ngConf 2017
Rangle’s presence was front and centre at this year’s ng-conf 2017, the world’s original Angular conference. Six Ranglers took to the stage to share their knowledge and expertise in front of 1,000+ developers. Here’s what our experts had to say:

FormControl Freaks: Redux Edition

Daniel Figueiredo Caetano and Renee Vrantsidis

Enterprises are adopting Angular, and they love (LOVE) forms. While Angular form controls are really powerful, form-based applications can be vast and difficult to manage due to the complexity of business requirements. Add Redux into the equation and now you have to worry about form/store synchronization too! Luckily, Angular provides a way to seamlessly integrate Redux into your forms.

Daniel and Renee examine how using Redux store as a centralized source of truth for form data will reduce maintenance cost, make your forms framework-agnostic, and keep you from tearing your hair out.

You can watch the full presentation here: FormControl Freaks: Redux Edition

Super Typescript II Turbo – FP Remix

Sean May

Calling all fans of Street Fighter II, and future fans of functional programming (FP) with TypeScript. If you have always seen FP as too mathematical to make sense, or if you feel like you have a handle on it in JavaScript but keep getting thwarted by adding types, this talk attempts to bridge the gap between the two, at a high level.

You can watch the full presentation here: Super Typescript II Turbo - FP Remix

RxJS: The Good Parts

Christopher Gosselin and Daniel Figueiredo Caetano

RxJS and the Reactive Programming methodology have become an integral part of the Angular ecosystem. Its usage can be found in the Angular Http, Form, EventEmitter, and Router modules. Like any extensive library or language, there is a small portion of functionality that provides the majority of the benefit. Chris and Daniel address core principles of RxJS that would provide the most benefit in the shortest amount of time.

You can watch the full presentation here: RxJS: The Good Parts

Build, Measure, and Machine Learn with Angular

Anna Karpacheva and Sumit Arora

This talk takes the audience on a journey from the simple concept of Build, Measure & Learn to tracking with open source Redux-Beacon library, built at Rangle. Anna and Sumit introduce A/B testing and personalization and demonstrate how to use machine learning for predictions of the user behaviour on the replicated demo website.

You can watch the full presentation here: Build, Measure, and Machine Learn with Angular

To hear more from Rangle, join us at FITC from April 23-25 where Mike Costanzo and Varun Vachhar will be speaking.