Evan You's Visit to Toronto
Last January we had the first meeting of our brand new VueJS Toronto Meetup. It was well attended – we had about 150 people. It was clear that the Toronto developer community was excited about Vue. We were so happy with the turnout, we started thinking what else we could do. So, we invited Vue’s creator Evan You to come to Toronto!

In a busy city like Toronto, we’re accustomed to sold out events and waitlists… but wow. We were sold out, with 400 RSVPs, in under 48 hours! Add our Ranglers to this (who all got tickets) and a few VIP invitees, and we were starting to get worried about whether we could fit everyone. Our new office is a good size, but still… When the day came, the event was packed… luckily, safely so.

It reminded me of our early days. Rangle has always been a supporter of meetups. Our founder Nick Van Weerdenburg likes to tell the story about setting up the first Rangle.io website just before starting the AngularTO Meetup, which also turned out to a great success, reflecting a groundswell of developer support for what then was still a relatively new framework.

We learned a lot from Evan’s talk and other conversations we had during his visit – and not just about Vue. One thing that struck me was his deep understanding of other JavaScript frameworks. Like Ranglers, he strives to know all the different tools available, to be able to recommend the right tool for the job, even if that solution is not always Vue.

Besides the meetup, Rangle employees also had two full days with Evan. Over those two days, he hosted a developer workshop, an advanced Q&A session, and a business development brainstorming group. He also recorded a soon-to-be released interview, and was patient enough to keep talking all things Vue during meals and coffee breaks with his excited fan group here at Rangle.

It’s not every day that employees can learn about a framework directly from its creator, but Rangle values a culture of continuous learning. We made this happen because we’re genuinely committed to delivering top-notch professional development opportunities for our staff. We encourage our employees' growth through guilds, lunch and learns, our wiki, internal workshops, a coaching program, and an annual conference budget that includes paid time off.

If you’re interested in the opportunity to develop in exciting frameworks like Vue, React and Angular, while working at a company that prioritizes your professional development, check out our available job openings.